Mansfield grandmother shares reality of terminal cancer diagnosis two years on

Roz Belcher
Roz Belcher -Credit:Roz Belcher

A Nottinghamshire grandmother has spoken about the impact her terminal cancer diagnosis has had and praised a support centre at Kings Mill Hospital. Roz Belcher, from Mansfield, was told she had incurable blood cancer in May 2022.

The 65-year-old said the life expectancy is "pretty good", but the condition had left her feeling "very very tired". “I can’t do a lot of things like play with my new granddaughter. I can’t do with her what I have done with the eldest," she said.

"I’m absolutely worn out all of the time, I’m very very tired. I don’t have a social life because I’m tired. I’m very anxious because I get so tired.

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"I want to do things. Before I’d be out and about, you could phone me up and I’d do it, now I have to say no.

“It was a shock, I didn’t expect any of this. I was told it was incurable but treatable, you don’t hear treatable you just hear incurable."

Roz is yet to start treatment as her paraprotein levels are too low, but says the longer she can go without treatment the better. “I have to go to the hospital every three months and have a blood test," she said.

“I’m never going to be cured of it." Roz is one of the patients who uses the Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre at King’s Mill Hospital.

She praised the centre and its recent £50,000 refurbishment. "At MacMillan we sit and talk things through," she said.

"They can signpost us to any help we need. Groups are really good, we can say things to each other you wouldn’t say to anyone else. We have become good friends.”