How many episodes of Lost Boys and Fairies on BBC? Emotional drama has viewers hooked

BBC's Lost Boys and Fairies
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

After its first episode received huge praise last week, moving adoption drama Lost Boys and Fairies continues on Monday night, with some heartbreaking and heart-warming moments still to come.

When it made its debut on BBC One on June 3, not much was known about the new series but, within minutes of opening titles rolling, viewers declared they were thoroughly invested in the story of couple Gabriel and Andy and their journey to adoption, as they face up to having the responsibility of being parents, as well as realising their own flaws and coming to terms with things that have happened in their respective pasts.

After being grilled by social worker Jackie, the couple develop a real bond with her as they face a panel who have to decide whether they are suitable parents for the youngster they want to have in their care.

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Having watching the first episode one of Lost Boys and Fairies, many fans were so hooked by what they saw that they rushed to iPlayer to watch the whole thing and, for those who decided to wait a week, to get their next fix, episode two will be on the BBC on June 10 at 9pm.

How many episodes of Lost Boys and Fairies on BBC?

There are THREE episodes of Lost Boys and Fairies in total, with the third and final one set to air on BBC One on Monday, June 17 at 9pm. All of them are now available to watch on iPlayer.

A synopsis for the second part reads: "With preparations for the adoption well under way, a shocking event changes this new-found family’s life forever" with a preview for episode three teasing: "The repercussions of a catastrophic event that changes Andy and Gabe’s life forever sends Gabe spiralling, and the adoption is put into jeopardy. Will Jake find his forever home?"

Hsving watched them all, one viewer wrote: "Just finished Lost Boys & Fairies. Jesus wept. I'm a mess. Beautiful but f**kin ell" as another reacted: "new show Lost Boys and Fairies has me bawling my eyes out every 5 minutes absolutely brilliant TV"