Who is the winner of Squid Game: The Challenge?

watch the trailer for the final episode of squid game the challenge
Who wins Squid Game: The Challenge?Netflix

Squid Game: The ChallengeNetflix, and we know who won the $4.56 million.

Following a similar concept to the 2021 TV series (only, er, without the death and murder), Squid Game: The Challenge sees 456 people compete to win $4.56 million (about £3.6 million) through a series of challenges and games. So here's everything you need to know about the winner of Squid Game: The Challenge.

In case you haven't watched any of the show yet, Squid Game: The Challenge sees players take on many of the same obstacles as the original series. First, they play a game of Red Light, Green Light, where they have to get from one side of the room to another without being spotted moving by a giant doll, who turns her back from them occasionally.

Then they must cut shapes out of a honeycomb cookie without breaking the cookie shape, before they play a game of human warships, which is like battleships, in a bid to sink the opposite team's human battleships.

In the second batch of episodes, the remaining players were tasked with playing a game of marbles to determine which 50% of the players would be eliminated. They then have to get across a falling bridge, after being tasked with randomly selecting the order they walk across in, and then a dice-rolling game.

At the end of episode nine, titled 'Circle Of Trust', there are three players remaining: Mai, Phill and Sam.

Wait, what happens in Squid Game: The Challenge?

Netflix didn't release Squid Game: The Challenge in full, which meant fans couldn't binge-watch every episode to see who makes it to the very end. The first five episodes premiered on Wednesday, 22nd November. The second drop of four episodes came out on Wednesday, 29th November, with the final episode airing on Thursday 7th December 2023.

At the end of the first five episodes, we had lost many of the main characters from the show, such as Player 432 and Player 198, who both gained notoriety during the challenge.

who wins squid game the challenge

In episodes five to nine, the players were set head-to-head in a game of marbles, which saw mother and son duo Trey and Leann (aka Players 301 and 302) play off against each other, while the next round saw a number of contestants lose out on the competition on the disappearing bridge, like Jinwoo, Player 30.

In episode eight, when there were 12 players left, the players were challenged with a simple dice-rolling game. The aim of the game was to nominate another player, and if you roll a six, that person is eliminated. Three people needed to be eliminated for the game to finish.

The players decided to self-nominate (except for Mai and Ashley, but that's a conversation for another time), and the players eliminated were: Bee (player 019), Chad (player 286) and Purna (player 031).

who wins squid game the challenge

The remaining nine players were then given a game called Circle Of Trust, with the voiceover explaining, "You will all be blindfolded. If you are tapped on the shoulder, please remove your blindfold, take the box, and place it on the desk of the person you wish to eliminate.

"That player will leave the game, unless they can guess who game them the box. If they guess correctly, they are safe, and the person who gave them the box will be eliminated instead."

During the game, player 278 (Ashley), player 355 (Hallie), player 19 (Amanda), player 051 (Rose Mary Kah), player 429 (Elliot) and player 418 (Roland) were all eliminated.

Who won Squid Game: The Challenge?

Despite the prize fund being a casual $4.56 million (about £3.6 million), players cannot share the pot: there can only be one winner. As the official Squid Game: The Challenge website explains: "In the end, only one can win — and that pressure can break players as easily as a piece of dalgona."

By the end of episode nine, only three players remained: Player 016, Player 287 and Player 451, who were battling it out to win the prize fund of $4.56m. Those players are Sam, Mai and Phill.

watch the trailer for the final episode of squid game the challenge

In the final episode, Sam was the first to be eliminated by pure chance, after the three players were asked to push one of three buttons: one that would eliminate them, one that gave the person who pressed it an opportunity to choose the person they’d face in the last challenge, and one that did nothing.

After Sam picked the elimination button, Mai and Phill played Rock, Paper, Scissors for a chance to win the keys which would unlock the safe with the money in. Mai successfully found the keys after many failed attempts.

“Today just validates that anything is possible," she said to the camera. "Even when you feel down and afraid, you have to pick yourself up, be a strong person and focus."

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