Mariah Carey has the range to shut down the bottle cap challenge

Mariah Carey (Photo: Instagram)
Mariah Carey (Photo: Instagram)

If you haven’t been following the Internet’s latest obsession, the bottle cap challenge, now is definitely the time to tune in, because Mariah Carey has officially won.

The challenge is simple – kick a bottle cap off a bottle without knocking the bottle over. Mariah Carey, of epic vocals fame, didn’t even need to kick the cap. Behold her artistry below.

The singer appears to be setting up for an epic kick, but then puts her hand to her ear and lets out a mind boggling high note. The cap shakes and goes flying. Is it her vocals? An elaborate prank? Who cares, it’s “hilarious,” as Carey’s ex-husband Nick Cannon notes in the comments.

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Reigning UFC Featherweight champ Max Holloway kicked the challenge off and, mixed martial artist Conor McGregor, and the actor Jason Statham soon followed accepting the bottle cap challenge.

Singer Ellie Goulding got into the game, but actually kicked the cap, in lieu of singing it off.

Ditto John Mayer, who kicked off the cap in slow-mo.

And producer Diplo would like the world to to know he has skills beyond “pushing buttons on stage.”

But no one else has Carey’s range and her celeb fans weighed in on the funny post.

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Actor Ruby Rose wrote, “This is what they call a win.”

“You win hands down,” wrote Rita Ora.

By Tanya Edwards, Yahoo Celebrity

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