Marie Osmond declares grandchildren are like 'having kids on steroids'

Marie Osmond is loving life as a grandmother of eight credit:Bang Showbiz
Marie Osmond is loving life as a grandmother of eight credit:Bang Showbiz

Marie Osmond says having grandchildren is like "having kids on steroids".

The 64-year-old entertainer is a grandmother of eight has admitted she's overwhelmed by love for them all and she adores being a grandparent because it's even better than being a mum.

During an appearance on ' The Drew Barrymore Show', she explained: "I thought I'd never love anything as much as my children. Oh my gosh, grandchildren are like having your kids [but] on steroids. I mean, it's just, like, so cool. I can't even tell you."

She went on to add: "As a parent, you have to guide them. You're not their friend; you're their parents. When you're the grandma, who cares? I can do anything I want."

Marie is married to Steve Craig and has Stephen Jr., 40, with him but she is also mum to Rachael, Jessica, Brandon, Brianna, Matthew, and Abigail with former husband Brian Blosil.

Her admission about her grandkids comes after Marie revealed she stays in shape just so she can keep up with the youngsters.

She told "If I’m at the end of the life I want to spend time with my family. One reason I stay in good shape is because I wanna go bike riding with my grandkids I wanna be the fun grandma and you can’t do that if you don’t feel great.

"Those are my priorities for me I want my grandkids to know me the real me not the Marie Osmond they see on TV but I want them to know who I am and that’s a real time commitment."

The former Osmonds star - who shot to fame as part of a singing duo with her brother Donny in the late 1970s - has a reported net worth of $20 million but recently revealed she has chosen not to leave any of it to her children because she wants them to be able to find their own way in the world without relying on a trust fund.

She told Us Weekly: "I've never seen a trust fund baby that knows who they are and has a desire to get out in the world and become something."

The former talk show host is happy to "help" her children out financially but joked that her job is actually to "spoil" her eight grandchildren instead. She said: "I help my children, but my job isn't to spoil them. My job is to spoil my grandchildren."