Marilyn Manson settles rape lawsuit

Marilyn Manson has reached a settlement with a woman who sued him for rape.

A week before he was set to appear in court, the rock musician reached a settlement with the woman, known as Jane Doe, who accused him of rape, Billboard has confirmed.

According to the publication, Jane Doe's attorney filed the settlement notice in Los Angeles court on Wednesday.

"Brian (Manson) is pleased that, just as previous lawsuits were abandoned without payment or settled for pennies on the dollar, this plaintiff has now agreed to drop her suit in exchange for an insurance payment representing a fraction of her demands and far less than the cost to Brian of proceeding to trial," Manson's attorney said in a press statement.

Meanwhile, in a statement shared with Rolling Stone, Doe shared, "I was fully prepared for trial and never in a million years thought I would ever settle, but over the past two-and-a-half years I have silently endured threats, bullying, harassment and various forms of intimidation that have intensified over the past few weeks."

The plaintiff stated that Manson, real name Brian Warner, was present at her deposition and that she was "forced to answer seven hours of aggressive questioning with him staring at me from across the table."

She added, "I've been told that this almost never happens, as it's cruel, and that a main reason for it would be to intimidate and inflict emotional distress on a victim."

Doe filed a lawsuit against the musician in June 2021, claiming that he raped and tortured her in 2011. The plaintiff further alleged that Manson had deprived her of food and threatened to kill her, telling her that he would "bash her head in".

However, the lawsuit was dismissed in September 2021 as a result of Doe's claims of repressed memories. The judge then gave her 30 days from the ruling to amend and refile her complaint, which she did eight days later.

The news follows less than two weeks after Manson was fined for blowing his nose on a camera operator in 2019.