Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims 'Fox News Would Love To Murder Tucker Carlson'

Conspiracy-mongering Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) stayed true to her personal brand on Friday when she ranted that “Fox News would love to murder Tucker Carlson.”

Greene’s gripe came during an appearance on Steve Bannon’sWar Room” podcast when she lamented that the conservative cable news network ignored her recent attempt to oust Mike Johnson as House speaker.

“So you got to remember, Fox News, that literally fired Tucker Carlson, the number one cable TV news host in the nation? Tucker, who was basically the voice of everyone? That’s the Fox News that refused to cover me calling the motion to vacate,” she said.

Greene was also peeved that “The Five,” the show airing on Fox News while she was trying to boot Johnson, didn’t immediately cut to the news.

″‘The Five’ never switched gears, they never changed, never went to anything different,” she said, before suggesting there was something nefarious about it.

“Fox News wants to control what Republican voters think, and the control and the information that they give you is the establishment Republican Party view,” Greene griped.

“They want to make viewers, their viewers, think that we have to fight for Ukraine, that we have to stop [Russian leader Vladimir] Putin because he’s going to steamroll across Europe just like Hitler did, even though there’s no evidence of showing that,” she said.

Greene continued to dig a hole big enough to hold one of those “Jewish space lasers” she once railed against.

“Fox News wants to make sure, make sure that you guys don’t have your own opinion, that you only have the opinion that Fox News tells you to have, and that’s why Fox News attacks Steve Bannon,” she said. ”That’s why Fox News attacks Charlie Kirk, and that’s why Fox News would love to murder Tucker Carlson, and that’s the reality.

“And that’s why Fox News is losing viewers because I think you guys are smart. The American people are too smart, and you’re tired of being fed outrage TV ― outrage TV and watching and voting and donating to Republicans that don’t do a damn thing about it.”

Here’s a clip of the statement courtesy of Media Matters for America.