Marjorie Taylor Greene schooled after wildly claiming Biden’s inauguration was an insurrection

Marjorie Taylor Greene was hilariously schooled on social media after she claimed Joe Biden’s inauguration was an insurrection.

“When they came to Washington and protested all of you called it an insurrection,” the controversial Georgia Republican told reporters, referring to the January 6 rioters who stormed the Capitol in an effort to overturn the 2020 election.

“And then when Joe Biden was inaugurated and this entire Capitol complex was surrounded with 30,000 National Guard troops, none of you stood there and called that an insurrection,” she said. “Oh no. You all stayed silent.”

Rep Greene has repeatedly downplayed the January 6 attack, praising rioters and even visiting some of them in jail, calling them “political prisoners.”

But her attempt to downplay the Capitol riot once again did not fly on social media, with X/Twitter users hilariously schooling the congresswoman on the definition of an insurrection.

“A. National Guard surround the Capitol at every inauguration. It’s called protection. Not insurrection,” former RNC chairman Michael Steele wrote.

He continued: “B. Because YOUR friends committed violent acts on the Capitol grounds 2 weeks before-THAT’S called insurrection-the Guard was increased.

“C. Your intelligence is exhausting,” he added.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was hilariously schooled on social media after she claimed Joe Biden’s inauguration was an insurrection (AP)
Marjorie Taylor Greene was hilariously schooled on social media after she claimed Joe Biden’s inauguration was an insurrection (AP)

“Between this and Greene calling every protest in Cannon an “insurrection” I don’t think she knows what the word means. I get it, I used the word ‘schlep’ wrong for like 2 years,” wrote Semafor journalist David Weigel.

Others reminded Ms Greene that the National Guard was increased at Joe Biden’s inauguration precisely because of the insurrection she had supported.

“When Biden was inaugurated we had to surround the Capitol because of y’all insurrectionists threatening civil war and blood in the streets,” one person wrote.

“Ma’am, I saw you hug and high five the J6 insurrectionists in our DC Jail. And you got big mad today in our hearing when I called you out. Stop supporting these traitors,” congressman Robert Garcia added.

Ms Greene is one of Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters in Congress. She previously introduced a resolution declaring that the former president didn’t commit an act of insurrection.

Mr Trump is currently facing the prospect of a criminal prosecution for his attempts to overturn the 2020 election on January 6.

But while the former president has claimed presidential immunity protects him from all acts committed while in office, the US Court of Appeals disagreed, ruling on Tuesday that “any executive immunity that may have protected him while he served as president no longer protects him against this prosecution”.

The ruling could have consequences for Mr Trump’s eligibility to appear on the ballot for the 2024 election in several states after the Supreme Court in Colorado ruled in December that the former president is ineligible to run in 2024 because the 14th amendment’s ban on insurrectionists holding office covers his conduct on January 6.

Shenna Bellows, Maine’s secretary of state, quickly followed by disqualifying Mr Trump from the ballot for similar reasons. Maine’s Superior Court has so far declined to issue a ruling, opting to wait for a ruling by the US Supreme Court, where judges are set to decide if he has “presidential immunity” and can appear on the ballot in Colorado.

Other states have refused to rule on the challenge or declined to remove the former president. Last week, Illinois’s Board of Elections allowed Mr Trump to remain on the presidential primary ballot, saying they did not believe they had the authority to determine Mr Trump’s eligibility.

Mr Trump’s attorneys are expected to swiftly appeal Tuesday’s decision to the full bench of appeals court judges, or all the way up to the US Supreme Court.

Following the ruling, Mr Trump took to Truth Social to slam the decision, calling it “nation-destroying”.

“A President of the United States must have Full Immunity in order to properly function and do what has to be done for the good of our Country,” he wrote.

“A Nation-destroying ruling like this cannot be allowed to stand. If not overturned, as it should be, this decision would terribly injure not only the Presidency, but the Life, Breath, and Success of our Country,” he added.

He also claimed that without immunity, “every president that leaves office will be immediately indicted by the opposing party”.

“Without complete immunity, a president of the United States would not be able to properly function!” he said.