Marjorie Taylor Greene's Rant At 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Is Comedy Gold

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) took her far-right views to another dimension Tuesday in a wild screed against HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Angered by a story arc mocking Georgia’s voting laws, Greene wrote on X, formerly Twitter, that it was “a glaring reminder of why most Georgian’s [sic] resent Republicans in our state for inviting the nasty commies from California, the Hollywood elites, into our state by dishing out Hollywood tax credits.”

“This week’s episode lied and painted GA conservatives and Trump supporters as racists and red necks and made fun of our good new law that stops the Stacey Abrams vote pandering machine and prevents voter fraud,” she continued.

In the latest episode, “The Lawn Jockey,” the Atlanta-set storyline continues where the Season 12 premiere, “Atlanta,” left off. Previously, Larry David was arrested (and given his own Donald Trump-like mugshot) for violating the Georgia law that prevents food or water distribution to voters after he gave water to a parched Auntie Rae (Ellia English) who was waiting in line to vote.

Now, in “The Lawn Jockey,” Larry has become a liberal hero who even receives praise from Stacey Abrams. The activist and ex-Georgia gubernatorial candidate makes a cameo in the episode.

“Larry Davidis about action, not words. He saw an injustice and he did what he could to right it,” Abrams says during her surprise appearance.

Rock icon Bruce Springsteen also makes a cameo in the episode, where he offers his own praise of David: “Involvement. That’s Larry David’s middle name — Larry ‘Involvement’ David.”

Larry ends up in court to plead not guilty to an election obstruction charge, setting up a trial.

Elsewhere in the episode, Larry and Jeff (Jeff Garlin) accidentally break a Black lawn jockey (hence the episode’s name) and attempt to cover it up. This leads to a zany scene evoking the name of a certain lawyer formerly in Donald Trump’s orbit.