Mark Labbett apologises for storming off 'The Chase', saying mental health was 'shot'

Mark Labbett attending the National Television Awards 2017 at the O2, London.
Mark Labbett walked off the set of 'The Chase'. (PA)

The Chase’s Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett has apologised to viewers after storming off the show and punching a wall, saying his mental health was “shot” at that moment.

The Chaser apparently saw red after he was beaten to the grand prize in the latest instalment of the ITV show.

Saying “I’m off”, he walked off set and whacked a wall on his way out, leaving host Bradley Walsh apologising to any children who might have been watching.

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However, the quizzer later said sorry on Twitter.

He wrote: "Apologies to those of you disappointed with my behaviour tonight. My mental health was shot before that game, it was storm off or break down in tears."

“A remorseless diet of quality opponents didn’t help," he added.

The star received plenty of support form fans after posting his message.

“No need to apologise Mark," said one fan. "You could see something was up as you were shaking quite a bit."

"Mental health is the hardest thing for any individual to control," said another.

"You were a superb teacher and are a great quizzer and TV personality. We all have bad days chin up mate. You will get through it and come out stronger."

Mark Labbett attending the National Television Awards 2020 held at the O2 Arena, London.
The TV star said sorry to viewers. (PA)

"Sending a bear hug," said another viewer.

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Labbett’s fellow Chaser Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha also weighed in.

He posted: "You should never have to apologise for the crime of 'being human'. I'd have been nowhere on those questions."

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