Mark Wright takes swipe at Michelle Keegan live on air after backlash over home renovation

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan
Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright have been renovating their £3.5m Essex mansion for the past three years -Credit:WireImage

Mark Wright has playfully called out his wife Michelle Keegan on live radio following a social media backlash.

As the pair are gearing up to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, the former TOWIE star aired some dirty laundry over a particular disagreement in their relationship regarding the renovations at their sprawling Essex abode.

Their mansion, reported to be worth a cool £3.5 million, has been under renovation for the past three years and both have kept followers updated with developments.

The most recent embellishment is a grand chandelier gracing their entrance hall, dubbed as the home's "centrepiece", which the couple proudly showed off on their home-themed Instagram account, much to the mixed reviews of their fans.

But Mark has disclosed the drama behind picking the right chandelier as Michelle's initial choice "just did not work", the Mirror reports.

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan home
The couple caused divided opinions with their new chandelier which was picked out by Michelle -Credit:wrightyhome/Instagram

In his words during a Heart FM segment, "I want to talk about something I did on Instagram this week... Now I don't know about you, but in my household, my partner makes the final decision and has the final say on everything.."

"Even when saying 'Mark what do you think? What you think of this colour? ' I'm like 'yeah, we should go for that one'...'well actually no, we're going for that one'... May as well just be quiet.

"But when it came to picking a chandelier in our house like the light in the middle of our hallway that drops from the third floor ceiling, she designed it and drew it and I was like 'what is that..'."

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He went on, "It's just loads of like light bulbs just dropping from the ceiling and when she drew it and designed it with the amazing company I looked at it... I was like 'this just doesn't work' and I really didn't like it but I had no say as I said but we went for it we hung it and it looks amazing.

"As we sometimes do we post our house updates on our Instagram account and when we did that we showed the chandelier off and I can't tell you how many comments I got that made me think why didn't I think of this at the start?

"Basically, picture a light with loads and loads of hanging bulbs that are all different heights that you can't get to because it's hanging from the staircase in the middle."

He shared that his followers immediately raised the issue of changing the bulbs when they burn out.

Mark added humorously: "So yeah thanks Instagram for letting me know and thanks for letting me know that I was correct and it was the wrong chandelier...So Michelle, next time I'm picking the light! "

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan house
The couple regularly share updates on their mansion on their home Instagram account -Credit:instagram/ @wrightyhome

Posting the update, Mark stated: "The chandelier, this had to be right. Michelle had a vision of golden raindrops falling from the sky, she wanted it to be more than just a hanging ceiling light but more of a piece of art.

"We worked alongside [Chantelle Lighting] and created just that. The day we walked into the showroom to see the finished product (video to follow) we were absolutely blown away! ! ".

However, not all their followers were mesmerised by the addition, as one voiced: "Not for me. Rather have a proper home that's cosy - this looks cold and like a show home."

Another quipped: "Who's going to clean them all? ! "

Others feared the practicality with comments such as: "Stunning but what a ball ache when one of those bulbs blow! It looks unlived in."

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