'Marriage' viewers struggle with Sean Bean and Nicola Walker drama

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker star in Marriage. (BBC)
Sean Bean and Nicola Walker star in Marriage. (BBC)

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker's BBC drama Marriage has left viewers confused over whether or not they liked it, and what it was actually about.

The slow-burn series about long-married couple Ian and Emma, played by Bean and Walker, tracks them at a difficult point in their relationship when Ian has been made redundant and Emma's head is turned by a colleague at work.

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It began on Sunday evening with all four episodes available on BBC iPlayer and continues on BBC One on Monday, but split opinion on whether it was a genius representation of a 30-year marriage, or simply a little dull.

Some viewers were definite in their dislike for the drama, with one person tweeting: "Im sure Marriage on the BBC will be hailed as an acting masterclass. I can honestly say it’s the most boring load of c**p I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t care less about their marriage."

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker in Marriage.
Some viewers complained of boredom. (BBC)

Another viewer added: "That's an hour of my life I'm not getting back won't be wasting another three hours. B O R I N G."

Someone else added: "I was really looking forward to watching #marriagebbc last night, but was so disappointed. I gave up after half an hour…"

However, others felt confused over whether they'd enjoyed it or not.

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One viewer tweeted: "The sound was dreadful The whole thing stifling & awkward Every relationship strained And yet I want to know what the reveal is."

Someone else asked: "Can any one tell me what I thought of #marriage last night cause I still don’t know?"

Another person wrote: "Interesting to read the mixed reviews for #marriagebbc this morning. So far I'm intrigued and sticking with it. But I can understand why others aren't."

Nicola Walker and Sean Bean in Marriage.
Other fans loved the realistic view of a long marriage. (BBC)

The drama also found some loyal fans who loved its realistic representation of marriage.

One viewer tweeted: "Can’t believe people saying it’s boring- it’s brilliant. All the things unsaid among families all the time- leaves us to do the work while reflecting the mundane. Very Mike Leigh esque in its filming style too."

Someone else agreed: "This seems to be getting very mixed reviews. I loved ‘Mum’ by the same writer so I think it might be just my thing. I love these slow, ‘chatting about minutiae’ scripts, when it’s really about something else."

Another fan added: "Just watched all of #marriagebbc on i-player and it was utterly compelling viewing. And the theme music is fab too."

Marriage continues on Monday at 9pm on BBC One.

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