Married at First Sight's Peggy and Georges: Inside their rocky dating show romance

The Married At First Sight couple have been through some tumultuous moments since saying 'I do'.

Pictured: Peggy & Georges - Married At First Sight UK 2023. (Channel 4)
Peggy and Georges have had a rocky time on Married At First Sight UK. (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight UK (MAFS) couple Peggy Rose Lawrence and Georges Berthonneau have had a tumultuous time since meeting on the dating show, with the jury still out on whether they are a match made in heaven or hell.

Things got off to a rocky start on their honeymoon in Thailand as the pair began rowing just days into their relationship and they have hit a number of hurdles since.

We look back over some of the low points in their journey on the E4 reality show.

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Adult content row

Peggy Rose Lawrence . (Channel 4)
Things got off to an odd start on honeymoon. (Channel 4)

In one of the strangest arguments ever to blow up on MAFS, Peggy and Georges began married life with a spat over a literally non-existent problem.

As they got to know each other on honeymoon in Thailand, Peggy pretended to have an OnlyFans account to see how new husband Georges would feel about her hypothetically posting adult content online.

Georges looked a little taken aback, but told Peggy he was ok with the account (which never existed) – prompting tears, storming out and crisis talks even after she'd admitted she wasn't on OnlyFans.

Peggy said: "The fact that you said you’d be okay with me doing it, that doesn’t bode well with me."

Squatting video

That wasn't the only bizarre row to erupt on honeymoon, as when Peggy asked Georges how he made a living she was shocked to hear about his streaming exploits.

Georges told how he would sometimes take on challenges from his online followers, including squatting for the camera, but Peggy failed to see the funny side.

Squat-gate was a long-running row as in a later episode, Peggy finally got to see the video in question which she watched alongside her husband.

It did not seem to put her mind at ease, as she told him: "I think this is embarrassing, humiliating, degrading. I just think I've had enough. I'm out of here."

Storming out of their apartment, she added: "It makes me feel sick to my stomach, like who is this man? I just feel humiliated."

X-rated family visit

Pictured: Georges - Married At First Sight UK 2023. (Channel 4)
Georges had an embarrassing moment with Peggy's family. (Channel 4)

In one of their most uncomfortable moments on the show, the couple had an oddly intimate chat with Peggy's family about Georges' sexual preferences.

Georges had been very open with his wife during intimacy week about his turn-ons, but it came back to bite him in a scene where Peggy's mum and sister, and Georges' friend, came over for a visit.

MAFS viewers cringed as Peggy said: "In intimacy week I learnt that my husband likes rimming - giving and receiving if you want to know that."

She added: "I don't think we should explain to mum what rimming is."

Gaslighting claims

The squatting spat continues to rumble on, and in a commitment ceremony just last week Peggy shocked fans by writing leave and telling the experts: “I can't do it any longer. He needs to change."

However, they stayed in the show as Georges wanted to continue, with some viewers taking to social media to accuse Peggy of gaslighting her partner.

Pictured: Peggy & Georges - Married At First Sight UK 2023. (Channel 4)
Viewers were shocked that Peggy wanted to leave. (Channel 4)

Georges came out fighting for Peggy though, as he posted on Instagram: "100s of supportive messages tonight, thank you for everyone’s kind words!!!

"Remember Peggy isn’t a bad person, she’s beautiful inside & out. Don’t be nasty on the internet, on her pictures, in her DMs or anywhere.

"If you support me then support me by not being nasty towards her!”

'Brutal' parent grilling

Just when things seemed to be getting back on track for the couple, home-stays week loomed.

Georges was a guest at Peggy's family's imposing Tudor-style mansion in Kent and the chat around the dinner table was just as intimidating as the surroundings.

Tech company worker Peggy has shared plenty of concerns over Georges' career as an online gamer and social media star, and it seems her dad shares her reservations.

Peggy warned that her dad could be "brutal" as he told cameras: "I don't suffer no fools gladly, at all. I don't care who he is."

He later accused Georges of being "lazy" and lacking ambition in his career choices as he questioned how Georges could support his daughter.

Whether or not Peggy and Georges' relationship survived the show remains to be seen at the end of the series.

Married At First Sight airs on E4 at 9pm Mondays to Thursdays.