Married at First Sight Australia fans slam 'vile' Jono saying he and 'smug' bride deserve each other

Final Vows - Jono -Credit:Red Arrow/Nine
Final Vows - Jono -Credit:Red Arrow/Nine

Viewers of Married at First Sight Australia's Reunion on E4 have slammed groom Jono McCullough for the way he and new girlfriend Ellie spoke about his TV bride, Lauren Dunn. The new couple surprised their fellow TV brides and grooms by turning up to the conclusion of the 2024 series by turning up together after Jono denied to Lauren in previous episode of the show that he was romantically interested in Ellie following a ream of messages exchanged.

Ellie Dix was paired with groom Ben Walters early in the show but left halfway through. In the final commitment ceremony Tori Adams revealed to the group that Ellie had been in touch with Jono.

In the cars on the way to the reunion Jono and Ellie are seen talking about Lauren disparagingly with Ellie saying: "You got the slay dragon..." "To get my princess," Jono added.

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Back at the reunion dinner party Lauren had said she "felt so betrayed and stupid" and criticised Jono for not being open about his texts and downplaying their meaning.

She added: "What bothers me is the lying to me, that it was one or two messages and then to hear from the boys that he wished he was paired with her not me."

Later an upset Lauren added that the Jono's final vows, which made her feel like a liar, were "disgusting." Expert Mel Schilling said: "He lied to all of us."

Jono said to the camera: "‘Lauren has no right to be upset. Ellie’s a beautiful, lovely human and Lauren is the opposite of that. It was worth walking through hell on broken glass to end up with this beautiful woman."

One fan wrote: "Why is Jono being utterly vile about Lauren? Wee dafty is trying to make himself feel better about being a MASSIVE BELLEND."

A second added: "Ellie and Jono cackling and calling Lauren a ‘slay dragon’ is actually vile. They deserve each other."

And a third wrote: "Jono & Ellie are actual snakes. Making smart arse remarks about Lauren & yet they were going behind her back for weeks! Just WOW."

While another posted to X: "Maybe it's because I'm a good person but I just can't imagine acting so smug and vile in front of a person who I KNOW i hurt. It's just so vicious and nasty. Tells me everything I need to know about Ellie and Jonnos character."

"Lauren has been an absolute queen throughout - without a doubt the most authentic. She's well shot of boring Jonno (who wrote 'stay' every week / slept with her during homestays despite 'crawling through hell on broken glass'.) Jonno you and smug Ellie deserve each other," wrote one more.

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