Married At First Sight Australia fans stunned by Jack's 'brutal' description of Tori in final vows

Jack and Tori kiss after their final vows
Jack and Tori kiss after their final vows -Credit:Channel Nine

Married At First Sight Australia's Jack Dunkley has left viewers gobsmacked with his candid final vows to his wife Tori. The couple, who have been at the heart of this season's most talked-about dramas, have consistently stuck together despite some rocky moments.

Dramas included Jack telling another husband on the E4 reality show to 'muzzle' his wife, and Jack making a horrible comment about another participant's weight. But viewers were shocked as Jack described him and Tori as 'teammates' and 'not lovers' during his final vows.

He then did a major U-turn as he dramatically changed his stance. Jack started: "I am concerned our biggest connecting factor may have been the brutal environment of the experiment where our loyal personalities bonded over having each other's back and picking each other up when need be. Like teammates. Not lovers.

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"Tori I'm sorry to say I didn't commit myself to this process for a platonic relationship, nor a teammate. We are not in love so how can I commit to you and ask you to uproot your life and move to the Gold Coast? " In an unexpected twist, Jack declared he was committed to making it work.

He continued: "My ego and my pride cast a shadow on the happily ever after you were chasing and are so deserving of. Tori I need to do what is best for me and ultimately what is best for you. I deserve an equal. Moving forward with you is a massive risk and it's a risk I am 100% ready to take.

"I'd rather jump off the edge and fight for an amazing love-filled future with you then to have never tried to win your love at all. I am head over heels for you and I can't wait to fall in love."

One viewer bluntly commented: "Like teammates? ! Yikes," while another said: "Na Jack is brutal. We knew it was coming."

Another wrote: "The most confusing vows ever by Jack there. “We are not in love, we are team mates.” “I want to spend my life with you and I am head over heels for you.”"

Another viewer asked: "Are Jack and Tori’s final vows the most contrasting final vows in the history of MAFS??"

Tori's vows included: "Jack, I have found the person I never want to stop making memories with. Through thick and thin I have chosen you each and every day and I want to spend the rest of my days choosing you. You are my equal, my soulmate and I am falling in love with you."