Married At First Sight Australia's Ben and Jono are feuding on social media

Married At First Sight Australia's Ben and Jono are feuding on social media

This series of Married At First Sight Australia might be one of the most chaotic reality TV seasons ever, with break ups, wife swaps, cheating scandals and more. Now, grooms Ben Walters and Jono McCullough are feuding on social media.

The experiment sees Aussie singles expertly-matched to a partner they meet for the first time on their wedding day, and while there have been some success stories, we've also seen some major bust ups between the couples this season.

Following Ben splitting from his wife, Ellie Dix, she went on to date Jono. This caused so much drama, with the grooms now coming for each other on TikTok and here is the feud between Ben and Jono explained.

Warning, spoilers below!

ellie and ben

So, to catch you up, Ben entered the experiment with Ellie and despite trying to make things work, they began to argue a lot with him breaking up with her at a dinner party and them leaving pretty soon after.

Meanwhile, Jono was married to Lauren Dunn, but it was soon revealed that he had been texting Ellie soon after she left the experiment, behind his wife's back. Jono and Lauren then called it quits at Final Vows, and the drama led to a pretty explosive reunion.

Recently, Ben took to TikTok to share a since-deleted video of him sat on the toilet pretending to wipe his bottom with a magazine featuring Jono and Ellie on the cover. So, Jono has now taken to social media to clap back against Ben. The drama!

"This video goes out to Benny boy. I saw you used our New Idea article to wipe your bum the other day," he said. "It's actually pretty good, the best joke you've done, which isn't saying much.

"I was going to do the same thing, but then I realised you don't have a New Idea article," he concluded.

So much drama!

Married At First Sight Australia continues on E4.

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