Martin Compston reveals he is going deaf after infection caused hearing problems

Martin Compston has revealed he suffers from bouts of hearing loss which leave him feeling isolated.

The Line of Duty star said the condition causes him to withdraw into himself and can make work and social situations

Compston, 39, suffers from tinnitus – ringing in the ears – and also experiences periods of hearing loss particularly after getting off flights.

The actor had surgery in 2010 after an infection damaged his ear drum but said he is still affected by hearing problems.

Speaking on his Restless Natives podcast, he said: “I have problems with my hearing sometimes and it can really affect you.

“When mine is really bad I withdraw into myself.

“I’ve got tinnitus but my hearing can really go, especially if I come off a plane I can’t hear anything.”

He added: “It can get quite difficult at work sometimes just trying to hear a cue or whatever.

“In social environments when it is bad I kind of just start zoning out because I can’t hear a thing and I can’t be bothered
interacting and saying ‘What?’ every two minutes.

“You start being like ‘I don’t want to be here’.”

Compston, of Greenock, is currently filming ­alongside fellow Scots actor James Cosmo in a new TV drama which is being entirely shot in Glasgow.

Three-part psychological series Fear tells the story of a family who leave London to move to Scotland with their two young children.

It will air on Amazon Prime next year.

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