Martin Lewis announces 'special' career move and explains 'it's really different'

Martin Lewis has announced a "special" podcast and explained "it's really different". The ITV star has done a special BBC Sounds podcast based around Twitter/X users suggestions over "how to improve Britain" in the 21st Century amid the Cost of Living crisis.

"The MoneyFesto: How to improve Britain Pod special. Ur suggestions incl ban Shrinkflation, Carers pay, term-time hols, tax back on commuting, cut tax for downsizing & more. How does change work? Do listen," Mr Lewis said.

In a follow up, he said: "This is a really different podcast to normal. A mix of money & politics. Brilliant to have policy-wonk supremo @pollymackenzie with me, for insights not just in the practicals of the suggestions but how and why these things happen... or don't. Do have a listen!"

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The episode synopsis on BBC Sounds reads: "Martin hears your ‘money-festo’ ideas – if you could change one consumer law or rule, what would it be – and why? He and Nihal are joined by former government adviser and policy expert Polly MacKenzie – to assess how practical the suggestions are – as our very own “Polly-filter”.

"Could we regulate shrinkflation, give parents that chance to book term-time holidays, offer tax-cuts for downsizers, or make the morning commute tax deductible? And would any of those ideas actually work?"

In reply, a Twitter user wrote: "Tax big companies on their global profits divided by the proportion of their sales made in the UK. Ban corporate political donors from government contracts for 5 years. Limit donations to individual UK tax payers and to £1000per person per year."

Mr Lewis' BBC Sounds podcasts are airing weekly and the Money Saving Expert founder continues to enjoy stints on the likes of ITV Good Morning Britain, This Morning and the Martin Lewis Money Show to boot.