Martin Lewis begs 'can you help' before 'signing off' as fans support him

Martin Lewis has asked for "help" before "signing off" from social media as fans supported him. The BBC Sounds podcast host asked for help with a fun Friday teaser puzzle on Twitter, now X, on Friday (May 17) before the ITV star signed off for a 48 hours rest.

Martin asked: "I took a picture of a caterpillar dangling from a tiny thin silk thread in the foreground in front of these trees. I know it's in there somewhere but now it's become a bit of a Where's Wally finding it. Can anyone help me spot it?"

In a follow up, he said: "Thanks to all who've spotted it. If you scroll down the responses many have kindly ringed it. Strange I couldn't see it when it is now so obvious! If you want to play the 'can i spot it game' don't scroll down first."

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Later, Mr Lewis returned to Twitter/X and said: "And now the weekend is here, and it's time to sign off social media. Do remember the pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again. Whatever. Ta ta! See ya monday. Have a gud un."

In response to Martin's initial tweet, one fan said: "That’s either a horrid lens flare or I’ve found your culprit." A second said: "I’d be more worried about the mad axeman hiding behind the trees . ." A third said: "Is this meant to symbolise the current appalling government?"

"You have to admire the creative comedy on here," another wrote. "Fairly obvious when you know where to look," another typed. Another said: "The thing right in the middle of the picture." Another laughed: "Sorry, Martin, in the time it took me to spot it, it had turned into a butterfly."

"… reminds me of helping my grandad do his coupon for Spot The Ball," another said. Another said: "Do you ever rest Martin? You are one busy man. I saw you in bury some years ago and wanted to say hello but was too nervous!! Thanks for all your help. My disabled brother is better off from your advice."