Martin Lewis breaks silence on exit poll after 'quite astonishing' detail

Martin Lewis has explained why the General Election exit poll may be "better than expected" for the Conservative Party. The BBC star and ITV regular spoke out on Twitter, now X, after the exit poll was released at 10pm.

Mr Lewis said: "Quite incredible if true. What a turnaround. What a wipeout for the Tories, but also the big rise in seats for Lib Dems and Reform is astonishing." Mr Lewis said: "As I do at every general election. I wish the new government, whomever forms it, well. I hope they do what is needed for the country, and make lives better for the people of the UK.

"And right now, with much of our societal infrastructure struggling, improvement is needed, and needed soon." He added: "I wonder if considering some of the recent MRP polls that showed Conservatives getting 60ish seats, and being smaller than the Lib Dems, if some in the Conservative party may feel this is a better result than expected?"

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He went on: "What tactics? Watch first couple of results come in then go to bed and get up early. Or stay up late then get up just before the interviews I've got scheduled in for tomorrow morning.... hmmm. Hedging towards the first right now."

In reply, a Twitter/X user said: "But it isn't a result. It's another poll. And it may well underestimate many local effects and tactical voting. It could still be better or worse for them." A second said: "Thought that myself. Reform did too well for my liking, wonder how many percent will be swung by postal votes? That has to be a growing proportion of the vote especially with ID required?"

"Already churning this out as a victory- we didn’t lose as badly as predicted. A loss is a loss. This is a GE where people have voted against the Tories big style," a third said. And another said: "I’ve no doubt they will try and spin it this way. However this is still the worst result for them EVER.

"If any Tory tries to pull that crap the journalist should immediately give them a good shake and remind them of that."