Martin Lewis fan shares secret code to get money off at major retailers

Martin Lewis' fans shared the secret code
Martin Lewis' fans shared the secret code -Credit:ITV

He's been away for a couple of weeks but Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is back with a bang as he marshalled his army of penny pinching followers to share their best tips on saving money at the shops.

Martin Lewis took a two week break from Twitter ('X') but has returned with a question to his fans which sparked some brilliant money saving tips from people who used to work in retail.

It means that next time you head to the shops you could save big by putting some of the tips into action.

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Martin asked his fans: "Tell us: Do u, or have u, worked in a shop? If so what are ur insider tips or secrets to help customers or to find better deals. Both generally or specific to ur chain/store, & if poss say when & where you work(ed) as long as it won't get you into trouble."

Fans immediately shared some top insider money saving information, including one tip about a 'secret code' which can be used at high street clothes retailers.

@valshox said: "A high street retailer marks the sale price in pencil on the tickets with 0 either side so 019990 is £19.99 staff can quickly add sale tags prior to sale. Customer will see this as stock is already out. So IYKYK ….Next"

@tarajeff added: "We used to do this is New Look too. I always look on the back of labels for any clues! Force of habit"

And @Sarahleadonlan shared a similar tip which applies to pharmacies and medicine.

She said: "Worked in a Tesco pharmacy, always pointed out generic versions of branded medicine to customers at a fraction of the cost and explained they have the same active ingredients."

In that instance, you'll want to look out for the code printed on the box. Usually, a pharmaceutical product like paracetamol, ibuprofen or hayfever tablets will have a code printed on the box itself.

This will say something like PL 31308/0007.

What you may find is that the exact same code is printed on a cheap 49p packet of paracetamol as is printed on an expensive branded packet which costs £3.50. It means that it's literally the same exact tablet inside, with the same active ingredient, but you're just paying for the box's brand name in the case of the more expensive option. Knowing this can save you a fortune on expensive branded medicines.

Finally, @lnfinite_loop shared a tip to tell if a product is being discontinued at a big electrical retailer. They said; "big electrical & computer retailer - items marked in price a certain way are discontinued lines, others are current models... eg. £199.98 discontinued £199.99 current (not sure if example is correct be its similar)"