Martin Lewis fans beg 'please' after spotting who he met with in office

Martin Lewis fans have begged him "please" after noticing who he has met with on Wednesday. On May 15, fans reached out to the Money Saving Expert founder and BBC Sounds star over his meeting with Labour Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves.

Mr Lewis wrote: "Just had a first sit down with @RachelReevesMP (Shadow Chancellor) in her office. Good to do, as I've done it with the Chancellor a few times. I chatted through some key issues like energy bills (standing charges), rent problems, cost of living, carers, mortgage prisoners and more. She was in attentive listening mode.

"This is the slightly awkward moment at the end of the meeting when their photographer asked us to hold hands like we were shaking them, while he took a photo!" In reply, a fan begged: "Please keep your impartiality Martin…..not many commentators in the consumer world that are truly impartial- you are one of them…..which is your super power……."

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"Didn’t ask about OAPs pensions being taxed then …. You did just as everybody do ….. push us the back of the queue as usual we are a drain on taxpayers money as they all seem to think and say !," a second sniped in the comments underneath the snap.

Another said: "My main wish is reform of the regulators. As with all captured regulators over time, they seem to serve the big corporations, not the consumer." Another fumed: "The misogyny as strong with these comments...

" So funny how many praise the present government, who have messed up this country for 14 years, and still support their 'team' regardless. It's not football you know, you are allowed to admit when they've messed up."

Another wrote: "An amazingly switched on lady who if all goes to plan will be our country's first female Chancellor of the Exchequer & hopefully not the last." Another said: "Glad you're focusing on the things that matter to most people. Far too many distractions in the news."