Martin Lewis fans get free £200 in bank account due to his 'five bananas' rule

Martin Lewis has revealed how a fan managed to bag a free £200 - all by buying five bananas. Mr Lewis' bananas trick has landed a bank account holder with a handy windfall amid the Cost of Living crisis after he took the advice from the financial champion.

Consumer expert, BBC presenter and ITV star Martin previously revealed how to get 'free money' with a bonus scheme from HSBC without using its switching service. In the clip, he explained: "There is a bank that will pay you a bonus and you don't have to use its switching service, it, lets you keep your old service. It's from HSBC it's for newbies."

And now a fan has got in touch to say the trick worked. "Thank you for the HSBC tip. Received the 2nd payment to global fund card today. £200 for 10 bananas. That’s bananas," a fan said. "Me too. This was a 2 part HSBC product switch/opening (can't remember which). The 2nd payment of £80 was due around now," a second said.

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"Someone wrote to me the other day and, there's lots of times you have to do spending to trigger something, and they called it banana swipes because I always say spend a banana," Mr Lewis said. Martin said: "So what we're saying is literally you get your banana, and you go in the store, you buy it once and there you go, that's a spending.

"So we're gonna call them banana swipes from now on. There's more of them to come." Mr Lewis told his viewers to open an HSBC Advance bank account, make five purchases with the debit card, log into the app once more, deposit £1,500 (which can be immediately withdrawn), and then open HSBC's Global Money-multi currency account and credit card.

Martin also explained that you can bag an extra £80. All you need to do is use it five times, like by buying five bananas, before April and you'll receive an additional £80 bonus, making a total of £205.

Martin explained: "That global money account lets you hold money and transact in 18 different currencies, but you can do five more swipes in pounds."