Martin Lewis issues his 'most lucrative' warning 'ever' and urges 'listen'

Martin Lewis has issued his "most lucrative" warning EVER as he promoted his brand-new BBC Sounds podcast episode. Mr Lewis, who founded Money Saving Expert, spoke out to his Twitter/X followers on Wednesday night after hosting ITV Good Morning Britain earlier today.

Mr Lewis wrote: "New Pod. Most lucrative subject I've ever discussed, some gain £10,000s." He went on to say: "For each £800 or less paid you may gain £5,400+, but the clock's ticking! It's all about extra NI years (under 73s only). Do listen"

"I explain the circumstances when it is and isnt for younger people within the pod," he added. A follower told him: "Checked My pension forecast earlier today(whilst listening to @TherealNihal & Yourself. It said that I wouldn’t benefit paying the shortfall as My predicted pension was £221.20 at current rates. I’m only around £300 short of full payments from the 1987/1988 tax year.."

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And a second typed: "Way too complicated. Government must be forced to make this stuff easier. They collect all of our details, repeatedly, and yet can’t seem to keep track of it all and just give people what they’re due, without requiring all the hoop jumping and fuss."

And another chimed in saying: "If this didn't contain a real link to the real podcast I'd have sworn this off as one of those dodgy spam pop up ads you get." And another chipped in to say: "Martin, if you opted out to a co pension, does your govt pension record take account of this or is it only adjusted at retirement age? Asking for a friend"

The podcast synopsis explains: "On this week’s podcast Martin explains how you can buy voluntary National Insurance years to boost your state pension and why it is one of the most lucrative things many can do with their money. TELL US is about if listeners have ever taken money from their childrens accounts to help the household finance, or broken their piggybanks. Later in the pod, Martin shares his latest money-saving tips and Nihal attempts another tricky Mastermind question."