Martin Lewis issues one-word verdict on whether to 'fix your energy bill'

Martin Lewis has told energy bill customers "yes" as he issued his verdict on whether to fix or not. The BBC Sounds podcast presenter and ITV star spoke out on social media, via his X account, ahead of the new Ofgem price cap being confirmed.

Speaking on Thursday, a day out from Ofgem updating the price cap, Mr Lewis said: "Tomorrow the new energy Price Cap for July's announced. It’s likely DOWN 7%ish. Yet predicted to go UP 4% in Oct, up 1% in Jan. So should you look at fixing? (Spoiler: yes). Clip from ‘BBC the Martin Lewis Podcast’ (listen for full info)."

In reply, a fan said: "Yes, but to fix with EoN you must get a smart meter. I live in an apartment building where they do not work because of the nature of the building structure shielding Wi-Fi signals. Even mobiles don’t work properly, so what should I do!?"

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A second wrote: "And standing charge? Actual energy prices seem irrelevant now as my bill stays the same as standing chrgae keeps rising." The Twitter/X user went on: "I pay nearly what I did for all my energy 5yrs ago, in standing charges now."

"I sadly can't afford to heat my home regardless of whether I'm working or on benefits. I'm sure that this would be the same for most of all residents within the UK & Ireland. We're not living, just existing," another wrote back to Mr Lewis.

"What's the standard charge doing? They might reduce the unit charge, but all they did like in January is increase the standard charges," another wrote back to the Money Saving Expert founder. And another said: "Average 3% less yes but greatest saving is in the summer. it's only 2% less when you are using the most energy in January.

" I'll stick with my 4% discount with Octopus Loyalty, could do better but I like the service (and am lazy)." Another said: "Wrong, you should not be fixing. You should be moving to a tariff such as the Octopus tracker that follows wholesale electricity prices."