Martin Lewis issues smart meter advice to British Gas, OVO, EDF, Octopus customers

Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis has shared how you can get a cheaper fixed energy tariff without a smart meter -Credit:ITV

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has issued a word of advice for any British Gas, OVO, EDF, and Octopus Energy customers who are reluctant to get a smart meter.

The consumer champion took to social media on Thursday (May 9) to advise energy consumers who "don't want a smart meter" to check if they could still snag the best deals.

It's true that the 'cheapest deals' are often only available for those who do have smart meters. However, there are still savings to be made if you don't fall under this category, Birmingham Live reports.

"Want a cheaper fixed energy tariff but either DON'T want a smart meter or are on a prepay meter... currently, rarely, these are available. See," he advised.

The linked article from MSE states that there are fixes available for you if you don't want a smart meter. The cheapest deals usually require you to have one, but for example, the British Gas one year fix is available for new and existing customers without the need for a smart meter.

In response, one follower questioned: "Is now the time to fix? I checked the EDF one that the comparison sites are banging on about the ends today. Its more expensive than octopus variable rate due to the high standing charge."

To this, Martin recommended: "Click the link and it'll take you through the whole system - including MSE cheap energy club which does a bespoke comparison including against predicted price cap changes."

Smart meter
There are ways to save even if you don't have a smart meter -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

Another customer expressed their dilemma: "We've been told that we can't have a smart meter because we don't have mobile reception at the house. We're happy with our supplier (Octopus), but might be a problem for us when we want to change supplier," they commented.

"I know it's rare, but if someone is genuinely unable to have a smart meter are they locked out of the cheapest tariffs? Seems somewhat (very? ) unfair if that is the case," one person queried.

Another shared their frustration: "British gas have an apparent problem with the connection to our smart gas meter after 7 years of trouble free monthly billing. Our electricity connection works OK. Despite the ombudsman asking them to sort it they have failed."

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