Martin Lewis issues urgent warning to anyone with double glazing

A man opening his double glazed windows
A man opening his double glazed windows -Credit:PA

Well-known consumer champion Martin Lewis has raised the alarm for UK homeowners with double-glazing, owing to a recent collapse of a major company. He turned to X, formerly known as Twitter, to announce about the popular double-glazing company Everest 2020 spiralling into administration.

He posted on what was formerly Twitter: "Double glazing firm Everest 2020 falls into administration, your rights." The Money Saving Expert detailed: "Everest, also known as 'Everest 2020', fell into administration on Wednesday, April 24, with business advisory firm ReSolve appointed to oversee the process," according to Birmingham Live.

"ReSolve has been unable to find a buyer for the business as a whole, so the majority of Everest's staff have been made redundant (though certain assets will be sold to rival firm Anglian Home Improvements)." In response to Lewis' tweet, one follower chimed in saying: "By the way - if you are worried about this possibility when a company offers 'X year guarantee' ask them if the guarantee is insured. We recently had our roof redone on a guarantee and it includes 3rd party insurance, in case they go under. Hindsight is 20/20.."

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Meanwhile, the Manchester Evening News reports that another dissatisfied former customer relayed a judgmental encounter they once had with the now-defunct company, posting: "No surprise. We once called for a quote for a composite door. He googled our address and told us "they're very expensive, you know. I've googled your address, and I just want to check. Are you sure you can afford it?"

Customers are annoyed that they have been left in the lurch after Everest went into administration, with some customers saying they have been "judged" on their address and left without any compensation. One customer said: "He had basically judged us on our address."

Another said: "You'd hope you'd be insulated from any issues here," and another suggested: "I'm assuming they were part of FENSHA so customers old and new should be covered." A third customer expressed their frustration: "And back again in a month but no liability for the customers and suppliers they've stiffed. Everest used to be a trusted name and now its lower than the dogs doodahs."

Everest is no longer accepting new orders, and over 1,500 customers are left with unfulfilled orders. However, Anglian has stepped in to help, and will be contacting customers in the "the coming days and weeks" to confirm order details and schedule the completion of the work.

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