Martin Lewis has 'morning ruined' after X refuses to take down 'disgusting' post

Martin Lewis has fired back at Twitter, now X, after it refused to take down an anti-Semitic tweet he had reported. The BBC Sounds podcast presenter admitted he had had his morning "ruined" by the vile slur posted underneath a recent post.

Mr Lewis wrote: "Seriously @X! I and many others report someone for writing to a politican simply "Why are you meeting Martin Jewish" and this is your response... "After reviewing the available information, we determined that there were no violations of the X rules in the content you reported.

"We appreciate your help, and encourage you to reach out again in the future if you see any potential violations. For more resources about how to control your X experience please visit our Help Center. Thank you," How much more antisemetic do they have to be!

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"Disgusting." In reply, a Twitter user typed: "Personally, I think the less attention that we give to people such as this, the quicker they disappear. Don’t provide them with your energy. Currently, you’ve just boosted them."

Mr Lewis later returned to his account to type: "Going to try and move on from that and not let it ruin my whole day, having ruined my morning." Another said: "Sadly X allows even worse antisemitism, anti-Black racism and Islamophobia. I've reported dreadful examples of all those and got a negative response. Not sure if it's related to the layoffs a while ago but it's not good enough."

Another wrote: "I'm convinced they don't have anyone reviewing these. The stock response comes even when reporting a 100% guaranteed breach. I think the algorithm just waits a set time & then fires back the stock response. It's like the 'poop' emoji whenever any journalists try to get comment."

"@MartinSLewis just come off X then and the more people who do will actually make social media companies sit up and listen. Without people using their platform they don’t get money. So staying on these platforms shows people can’t live without them," another urged.