Martin Lewis offers crucial advice on how to book 'cheapest possible' EasyJet tickets

 (Nicholas T Ansell / PA)
(Nicholas T Ansell / PA)

Martin Lewis has alerted its followers that EasyJet has released a number of cheap tickets for March to June 2025 this morning.

The budget expert pointed out that early birds could save a substantial amount, since travel costs can increase by hundreds of pounds in the hours following the ticket sale.

Posting on X, Lewis said: “Just heard Easyjet launching its March to June 2025 flights tomorrow from 6am-ish. Bagging them the moment they launch (browser refreshing type thing) is often (no guarantee) the way to get them at the cheapest possible rate.

Flights can rise by £100s even after a couple of hours of launch morning. So if you're going to book, try early.

“PS Cheapest possible, doesn't necessarily mean cheap, do check what a decent rate is before booking.”

How does it work?

The money-saving expert has previously described the airline's "dynamic pricing" which implies that rates are lower the earlier you book, and they gradually climb as demand rises.

Lewis said in a video: "This is an urgent heads-up if you fly EasyJet because there is an opportunity to get far, far cheaper prices than normal but you're going to have to be quick.

"Now you may know that EasyJet has demand pricing. So pricing is dynamic based on how many people are trying to buy tickets for a flight.

"If there's a lot of demand the price goes up, if there's less demand the price goes down. So usually the very cheapest point is exactly when flights are launched."

When do airlines have big sales?

Every year, British Airways holds a global sale that lasts from Boxing Day until the end of January.  A month-long sale also occurs at the end of August. They also typically have an equally amazing deal during Black Friday, which occurs at the end of November.

Virgin Atlantic conducts its sales during the same periods as British Airways: from late August to the end of January, with a shortened sale during Black Friday.

Finnair always has a sale on Black Friday.

Ryanair has a sale on almost every week or so.

Wizz Air typically takes part in major sales occasions such as Black Friday and Christmas sales, as well as spontaneous sales at other times.