Martin Lewis puts out 'serious' warning to anyone with curtains in their house

Young woman opening curtains in the morning
Young woman opening curtains in the morning -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

Martin Lewis has warned homeowners with curtains in their property or those planning on buying them - saying people could be saving hundreds when making such a purchase. The Money Saving Expert's words were featured during an episode of The Martin Lewis Podcast, where he urged former retail workers to share money-saving tips related to this topic, disclosed Birmingham Live.

One previous worker who once worked in fabrics and furnishings enlightened Martin by saying: "I used to work in fabrics and furnishings. My tips for buying curtains is that shops will often say you need to buy curtains two or three times the width of your window.

"Yes, they do look better with more gather but it's not actually needed, that's about aesthetics, that's great if you've got pots of money but actually one-and-a-half times is enough." The worker continued, adding: "Plus, if you buy with a thermal or blackout lining, they will last longer, it also insulates your home better."

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The renowned money-saving expert agreed with these high-value tips shared by the retail worker, acknowledging, "That could save some serious amounts of money. Curtains are incredibly expensive." Furthermore, he stated: "Going for one-and-a-half times the width could have a material impact on your finances."

As per Homehow website, the cost for superior quality, made-to-measure curtains can go up to an exorbitant £3,000. They elaborate, stating: "Depending on the complexity of the job, the average cost of fitting curtains is around £40-£400 per window."

Including the cost for curtains, installation, and hardware these could be your expense. The site details how budget curtains can start from about £40 - though superior quality ones could set you back a substantial sum.

The website clarified: "Simple nylon curtains will usually cost around £10-£40, whereas the price for professionally fitted custom-designed silk curtains on a large bay window is around £2000-£3000. The average cost for fitting a curtain pole or handrail is around £80-£150."

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