Martin Lewis Would Rather 'Wire My Nipples To Electrodes' Than Be Prime Minister

Martin Lewis has said he would “rather wire my nipples to electrodes” than become prime minister, after a focus group backed him to run the country.

The Money Saving Expert website founder said his mental health was not “robust” enough for the job.

On the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg programme, a focus group of 50 voters saw his name repeatedly raised as a favourite to succeed Rishi Sunak.

But he said on X: “Apparently I was the choice of voters on @bbclaurak to be PM. That’s flattering, thank you very kindly, but I’d rather wire my nipples to electrodes.

“Our system is overly adversarial - mandating politicians to lie and sell policies they disagree with in order to hold the party line.

“It is structured with an official ‘opposition’ designed to oppose for the sake of it.

“Few can thrive in that environment. I believe in public service, but my mental health isn’t robust enough. I wouldn’t subject my family to it - would you?

Lewis added: “Ps I admire politicians of all sides who try. Most I meet are actually trying to do good. But in the end to do that you have to play the system and be incredibly mentally robust.”

While the focus group members pro-actively brought up Lewis’ name, many members were scathing about Sunak and Labour leader Keir Starmer.

The prime minister was seen as out of touch by many and labelled an “incompetent cretin”.

While Starmer did not appear to excite even those who said they would be voting Labour, with one saying: “I don’t know what he actually believes.”