Martin Lewis says credit card holders can get £1,000 scrubbed from debt

A Martin Lewis fan has saved £1,000 a year thanks to an easy credit card tip. The BBC Sounds podcast host and ITV star heard from Trevor, a fan and viewer, who saved £1,000 in credit card interest.

Trevor said: "Hi Martin and co. I was paying £300 for two credit cards, costing me £76 a month in interest. I took out the Virgin Money deal with £5,299 credit, and transferred both card balances to it for a £164 fee.

"With 28 months 0 per cent, I'll have it all paid off in 15 months, saving me a bankroll. Bangin'! Thanks for all the advice, keep it coming." Mr Lewis' MSE team explained: "Applying hits your credit file - use an eligibility calc instead.

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"Our 0 per cent eligibility calculator shows your acceptance odds for top cards, so you can home in on those most likely to accept you before applying, to minimise the credit file impact. This is especially important for POOR CREDIT SCORERS - plus we include specific cards that may accept you.

Go for the LOWEST FEE available within a 0 per centtime long enough to clear your debt. Generally, the longer the balance transfer, the bigger the fee. So if you can clear your debt quicker, go for a shorter deal to minimise fees.

"Unsure? Play safe & go long." Tesco Bank has 29mths 0%. MSE said: "Longest 0%. Our eligibility calc can also show if you're pre-approved, meaning you'll definitely be accepted (subject to ID & fraud checks)." Virgin Media has 28mths 0 per cent, too, MSE said. It added: "Long 0%, lower fee.

"It's just extended the length of this card by a month. As the fee is slightly lower, and it has a just slightly shorter 0%, it's a good alternative worth considering."