Cost of living: Martin Lewis reveals he was in tears 'on more than one occasion' trying to help people

Martin Lewis said it had been 'traumatic' being unable to help desperate people during the rising cost of living. (
Martin Lewis said it had been 'traumatic' being unable to help desperate people during the rising cost of living. (

Martin Lewis has revealed he was left "in tears on more than one occasion" as the cost of living crisis took hold, after realising he was unable to help people.

The personal finance expert – one of the UK's leading consumer champions – has been a key figure in lobbying the government to provide more energy bills and cost of living support.

He has advised senior government officials in how best to respond to the crisis, including asking questions on behalf of the public during Q&As with Rishi Sunak when he was chancellor.

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On Tuesday, Lewis told cross-party MPs in parliament that while personally he has been in a "comfortable position" financially over the last year, it had been upsetting hearing how desperate some people were.

"It was it was a very traumatic time," he said. "The number of people in desperate situations who contacted me personally.

"I live in a very comfortable situation... [but] I was in tears on more than one occasion reading some of the situations people were in, and was unable to help them."

The price of food, housing and bills are rising steeply (Yahoo News UK/Flourish)
The price of food, housing and bills are rising steeply. (Yahoo News UK/Flourish)

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Lewis also added at the committee that he was not the most "thick-skinned person" and that he even considered quitting his job at one point due to being so overwhelmed.

"I found this summer very difficult, my anxiety levels were through the roof, my mental health was not the best... there were a number of times when I thought 'I don't want to do this anymore',"he said.

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Lewis made the remarks after being invited to the culture, media, and support committee as a well-trusted public figure to discuss the dangers of online harm and misinformation.

It comes as the cost of living crisis continues to worsen in the run-up to Christmas – with inflation hitting 11.1% in the 12 months to October and energy bills almost doubling in a year.

In September last year, Lewis told Yahoo News UK of his frustration as the cost of living began to rise, and said he had "nothing left in the cupboard" to help people.

"We've got to the point where a money-saving expert cannot help you on energy bills anymore, because there are no tools left in that arsenal," Lewis said.

"And when that happens, that means the system is broken – and we need political help and support... [when] someone like me, who's been studying this for the past 20 years, says there's nothing left in the cupboard that I can help you with... that means it has to be a political solution."

The consumer champion has regularly made significant donations to charities during the crisis, in September giving almost £100,000 to Money Buddies live on Good Morning Britain and £50,000 to another charity in March.