Martin Lewis warns drivers 'insurance will be invalid' if you're 'caught'

Martin Lewis has warned millions of drivers one mistake will cost thousands. The BBC Sounds podcast host, who has a regular stint on ITV Good Morning, has issued an urgent warning over "fronting" as he urges drivers "don't do it".

Fronting in car insurance is when someone – often a parent or older driver – falsely claims they are the main driver of a vehicle when in fact it is a younger, or less experienced, driver who will be using the car the most. Having an older driver as the main driver will result in a cheaper premium.

In his newsletter, he wrote: "This is 'fronting,' and it’s fraud. It will be checked if you make a claim, and the insurance will be invalid if you’re caught. You could even be prosecuted. Don’t do it." One father, Marc, shared with Mr Lewis that this tip saved him 30 per cent of his son’s insurance bill.

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He said: "I renewed my 18-year-old son’s car insurance and saved a whopping £450 by adding my wife as a named driver. Massive thanks." Sam Meadows told Money Supermarket: "If you’ve been quoted thousands of pounds for car insurance it’s understandable that you might feel frustrated - particularly if you’re a safe driver.

"But being caught fronting can lead to massive financial consequences and even a criminal record - it’s just not worth it. There are a few companies out there with policies designed for younger drivers, including telematics, that can offer you a cheaper deal."

If an insurer launches an investigation because it detects fronting, it might do some or all of the following: interview both the main and named drivers to confirm their driving habits, consult motoring databases or look at CCTV.

It may also look at road toll, congestion charge and ULEZ records.