Homes Under the Hammer's Martin Roberts makes 'mercy dash' to Ukraine

Watch: Martin Roberts reports from Poland

Homes Under the Hammer star Martin Roberts is making a 1,270 mile road trip across Europe to deliver vital medical supplies and food to Ukraine.

The TV presenter — who last week shared a tearful video on social media as he tried to find a way to help those affected by the Russian invasion — has offered his services or charity initiative Help from Bournemouth, to drive to Ukraine.

Roberts, 58, revealed on Instagram after his first day of driving: "I’ve managed a few hours sleep and yeah, it’s a really tough day today, it’s another 13 hours on the road.

Martin Roberts
Martin Roberts has driven 1270 miles to Ukraine with medical supplies. (PA)

"Probably the longest day’s driving I’ve ever done, all the way down through Poland and a large portion of Germany.

"Lots of music on the stereo, lots of wine gums... lots of Red Bull."

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He added: "We’ll just get on with it. The thing is, the thing that keeps me going is that there are people that are waiting, although they don’t know they’re waiting yet.

"They’re there and they don’t know we are coming, but we are, with these really important supplies.

"I feel quite a responsibility, a massive responsibility. But we’ll just get there."

TV presenter Martin Roberts
Martin Roberts is almost at the Polish boarder with Ukraine. (PA)

The father-of-two is headed to Medyka on the Polish/Ukraine border.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain he revealed he had made it to Poland. He added: "I'm now in Krakow, I'm heading today to Medyka one of the borders with the Ukraine, 20km from where the shelling happened yesterday, so I'm filled with a great sense of purpose but also a little bit of trepidation."

He added: "I woke up on that Saturday morning thinking, what can I do? Does the stuff you donate actually get through to where it needs to?

"If you give people an opportunity to help they will do it, and you've seen this amazing outpouring of assistance. I'm one of may people who are many this journey.

"I've got a VW van, I wasn't doing anything this week, so why not?"

Watch: Martin Roberts' tearful video as he tries to help Ukraine

Housing Secretary Michael Gove has announced the Homes for Ukraine scheme, under which people can nominated an individual or family fleeing the Ukraine to stay in their home for up to six months. He added households will be offered £350 a month to help with the costs.

Asked about the scheme the property auctions expert revealed he is looking into repurposing empty care homes and hotels to house refugees.

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Russian president Vladimir Putin began his military invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, prompting hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to attempt to flee the country.