As Marvel TV Boss Teases What If…?’s Final Season, There’s One The Watcher Scene I’m Hoping To See Before The Show Ends

 The Watcher on What If.
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When it comes to the slate of upcoming Marvel TV shows, one of the productions I’m most looking forward to is What If…? Season 3. The series has truly been a breath of fresh air, as its creative team has produced interesting, multiversal stories related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s because of that and more that I’m sad to hear that the third season will be the show’s final installment. Thankfully, though, the head of the entertainment giant’s TV division is teasing a satisfying conclusion. As I ponder those sentiments though, I’m also hoping to see one specific scene with the show’s narrator – Uatu the Watcher – by the finale.

How Was What If…? Season 3 Just Teased?

Anyone who closely follows Marvel Studios’ exploits likely knows that employees are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to divulging information about specific productions. However, Brad Winderbaum – Head of Streaming, Television and Animation at the studio – recently dropped a few updates. The bigwig stopped by the Official Marvel Podcast, where he discussed productions like the long-awaited Daredevil: Born Again and the highly anticipated X-Men ‘97 Season 2. But Winderbaum started his spiel by explaining to the hosts just what fans can expect from the final season of What If…?. Based on the sentiments he shared, it sounds like fans are in for a bittersweet ride across the multiverse:

It feels like the completion of a trilogy. It takes us to places that you’d never expect. It goes beyond the first two seasons in its exploration of the multiverse. It pulls in characters that are very unexpected and has what I think is an extremely moving and very fulfilling culmination for Uatu the Watcher.

Those comments will certainly leave fans with more questions than anything, but I’m glad to hear that the creative team is looking to go out on a high note. What’s especially good to know is that they’re specifically looking to produce an appropriate final chapter in Uatu’s story. On that note, I think it’s only appropriate that before the show signs off, the all-seeing extraterrestrial has an encounter with another very powerful individual.

Who Should The Watcher Meet Up With Before The Show Ends?

Uatu is probably the MCU character that fans most associate with the idea of presiding over the multiverse. However, there’s another imposing individual who also holds the responsibility of performing the same task – Loki. In the wacky and emotional Season 2 finale of his eponymous show, the God of Mischief saved the entire multiverse by reigniting the various dying timelines. As a result, he now remains at the End of Time, and those on the various branches (including his friends from the Time Variance Authority) can’t see him.

Loki sits as the new Time Loom at the end of time.
Loki sits as the new Time Loom at the end of time.

I would absolutely love to see the Watcher and that variant of Tom Hiddleston’s famous character share a scene amid What If…? Season 3. These two characters share an incredibly unique connection in that they both remain in similar positions of power. The thought of seeing them in a scene together, in which they discuss their responsibilities and the downsides of them would be excellent. Those who’ve seen Season 2 of the animated show might also remember that Loki’s fate was referenced by way of a quick shot of the timeline branches, which the ex-Asgardian trickster re-arranged to resemble Yggdrasil – the Norse tree of life.

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This may sound like pure fan service on the surface, but I firmly believe that such a scene could propel the Watcher’s characterization and help bring the show full circle. The benevolent being hasn’t had many interactions with multiverse-observing beings like himself. So it would be nice for him to chat with one who can not only relate to him but help him keep the importance of his job in perspective. I obviously have no idea if Brad Winderbaum and co. have anything like that planned for Season 3, but here’s hoping that such a scene comes to pass!

While you wait for the third season of What If…? to arrive, stream the first two with a Disney+ subscription now. You can also find other viable viewing options – including some superhero-related ones – on the 2024 TV schedule.