Mary Berry criticised by viewers for body-shaming Michelin-star chef

Mary Berry gets a litte too cheeky on her BBC show. (PA, REX)
Mary Berry gets a litte too cheeky on her BBC show. (PA, REX)

TV’s Mary Berry has been slammed by viewers after she allegedly body-shamed on her BBC One show.

People were left angry when the usually loveable Mary, 83, was none too kind to her latest guest.

During this week’s episode of Classic Mary Berry, a cooking show that invites top chefs on to discuss culinary delights and prep some mouthwatering food, some of her comments to Michelin-star chef Nathan Outlaw were deemed ‘harsh’ and ‘rude’.

The controversy arose when Mary was discussing the joys of outdoor food prep with Nathan, 40, and were particularly keen on the idea of pickled walnuts.

Despite the former Great British Bake Off judge claiming she preferred said walnuts to chocolate, the real issue came about when she body-shamed Nathan not once but twice.

Mary Berry gets a litte too cheeky on her BBC show. (BBC)
Mary Berry gets a litte too cheeky on her BBC show. (BBC)

When the chef spoke about how much he enjoyed wind surfing, Mary couldn’t quite believe it, and replied: ‘You, windsurfing?!’ as if it were an unbelievable claim.

The cheeky cakespert also noted the force the heavy-set chef was exerting when crushing some garlic.

Some viewers that took offence to the quips vented their displeasure on Twitter.

‘Mary Berry has gone down in my estimations, one tweet began. ‘Just casually fat shamed a chef twice, like just because you’re Mary Berry you don’t get to be rude?!’

Another suggested Mary was being ‘rude’ when Nathan revealed he enjoyed to wind surf.

Others couldn’t quite believe what she had said.

Fans didn’t appreciate how she found fat-shaming him so funny…

While others branded both exchanges as ‘awkward’.

Mary had previously raised eyebrows with her past and apparently inadvertent sexual innuendos that had viewers in stitches. especially when a handsome Swedish chef appeared on the show. She noted how it had been ‘a long time since [she’d] had a man on his knees’ in front of her, as things going steamy pre-watershed.

Catch Classic Mary Berry each Monday, at 8.30pm, on BBC One.

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