The Masked Singer Unveils Pop Icon And Comedy Actor In Double Elimination

The Masked Singer
The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of The Masked Singer UK.

The Masked Singer unmasked not one, but two famous faces on the latest episode of the ITV show on Saturday night.

Knitting, Jellyfish, Otter, Fawn, Jacket Potato, Phoenix and Rhino took to the stage to sing in disguise and attempt to stump the panel, which included presenter Stephen Mulhern as a guest panellist.  

First to be unmasked following a vote from the studio audience was Knitting, who was revealed to be Steps singer Claire Richards

After her unmasking, Claire told the judging panel: “I thought you were just going to get me from day one. On the first show when you didn’t have a clue, I was so chuffed.

“I am a massive, massive fan of this show. I feel like a fan who has won a competition! It’s been amazing and I’ve just loved it.”

She added: “I loved my mask and outfit, she was so pink and cuddly. She’s just like everyone’s favourite Nana.”

Claire admitted that despite performing as a member of Steps for the last 25 years, she still suffered with nerves performing as Knitting.

“I thought I would be fine performing behind the mask but it turns out even when people can’t see my face I get so nervous,” Claire admitted.

“I think I just always want to do a good job and being very hot inside my mask didn’t help at all.”

Claire Richards
Claire Richards

Claire Richards

Guest panellist Stephen was proved to be right after he suspected Knitting’s identity was his good friend Claire after she blew him kisses before her performance.

Following Claire’s unmasking, Otter’s identity was also revealed after ending up in the bottom two where the judges chose to save Fawn who sailed through to next week’s semi-final.

Inside Otter’s cuddly outfit was award-winning actor and writer, Daisy May Cooper.

Judge Mo Gilligan, who was the first panellist to guess it was Daisy, said: “I got one! And it was an otter and I love otters. Do you know what it was with you Daisy, you could tell you were a comedic actress because you’re so physical, but you’re a really good singer.”

On taking part, Daisy said: “I loved every single second of it. I did this for my daughter Pip who is a massive fan of the show.”

The This Country star added: “I absolutely loved the costume, the designers are geniuses.”

Daisy May Cooper
Daisy May Cooper

Daisy May Cooper

Daisy joked that she particularly liked the costume because “it gave me hips and an arse.”

She added: “It’s the best job I’ve ever done but near the end I was absolutely exhausted. I was gutted to leave because I really fancied the Phoenix…So fit!”

The Masked Singer continues on Saturdays at 7pm on ITV1 and ITVX.