Massachusetts Firefighters Scoop Missing Dog Out of Charles River

Firefighters from Newton, Massachusetts, rescued a missing dog that was found trapped on rocks by the Charles River on Friday, September 8.

The Wellesley Police Department said they were an hour into their search for the dog, seven-year-old Maggie, when they were notified that the Newton Fire Department was attempting to rescue a dog from the Charles River.

Maggie had gone over at least one waterfall on the Charles River, according to Wellesley Police.

After Maggie slipped further downstream during the first rescue attempt, she was scooped to safety by the Newton firefighters before she reached some nearby rapids, Wellesley Police said.

Maggie was identified and “happily reunited” with her owner by the Newton Fire Department, police said. Credit: Wellesley Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- On Friday, September 8, 2023, the Wellesley Police Department was searching for a missing dog that had escaped from their home in the neighborhood of Colborne Road and Woodlawn Avenue. An hour into the search, officers Glen Michaud and Derek Harris were notified that the Newton Fire Department was attempting to rescue a dog from the Charles River on the Newton-Wellesley town line, and appeared to be the missing dog in question. The dog, identified as seven-year-old Maggie, was trapped on rocks in the river and had already gone over at least one waterfall.

During the first attempt to rescue her, she slipped back into the river and was swept downstream to another set of rocks. A Wellesley police UAV pilot captured this video as Maggie managed to jump to safety, only to fall back into the river and become trapped in a spillway adjacent to the Charles. Newton firefighters were then able to pluck Maggie from the spillway before she went further down river and into the rapids.

Maggie is a rescued whippet rat terrier mix. She reportedly is not a big fan of the water, but does enjoy running for miles with her owner. Officer Harris positively identified Maggie after firefighters rescued her. Firefighters were then able to dry off Maggie and keep her calm following the harrowing river run. Maggie and her owner were happily reunited at the rear of 65 Walnut Street, and then posed for some photos with the Newton firefighters who scooped her from the water.