Massive Bear Caught on Trailcam at Minnesota's Voyageurs National Park

A huge bear at Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota became somewhat of an online sensation after trail camera footage was shared to Facebook on December 1.

Footage of the animal was posted by the Voyageurs Wolf Project, which has set up wildlife cameras around the park to study the local wolves.

“We primarily study wolves in our area but remote cameras capture a variety of wildlife. The remote cameras are good enough that it is usually possible to identify individuals such as this bear that have obvious physical features,” project lead Tom Gable told Storyful

“We do capture a lot of different animals on our remote trail cameras including wolves, lynx, bobcats, bears, martens, moose, deer, and others. However, our main purpose of using remote cameras is to get footage of wolves that we are studying,” he said.

Gable said they were not sure how this particular bear got so big.

“There is some suggestion that this bear had spent a lot of time near a wildlife sanctuary about 20 miles away where they feed bears during the summer but we cannot say that for certain,” he said.

He added that it was possible the bear was simply very good at finding natural foods in the area, and was preparing for hibernation.

The video had racked up over 330,000 views at the time of writing. Credit: Voyageurs Wolf Project via Storyful

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