'Match made in heaven': Arnold Schwarzenegger loves working with Danny DeVito

Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks he and Danny DeVito are a "match made in heaven".

The two actors were friends for some time before shooting their 1988 comedy 'Twins' - which follows fraternal brothers who were separated at birth but reunite in Los Angeles - and they are keen to work on another movie together because their natural chemistry is so strong.

Arnold, 76, told 'Entertainment Tonight': "As far as I'm concerned, it's a chemistry and you cannot make that up with acting or anything like that.

"It is the number one most important thing - you've got to like each other, respect each other and you just click.

"When we did 'Twins' we recognised when we did the first few scenes how much fun we were together and how Danny plays off me and I play off Danny. It's just a match made in heaven, really."

The pair had been in talks for a 'Twins' sequel before the death of director Ivan Reitman in February 2022 and though they are unusure if the potential project will go ahead, they're looking forward to finding something to do together.

Danny, 79, said: "When we lost Ivan, rest his soul, we were about to work with him again on a sequel for Twins," DeVito said. "I think where my head is -- and I think Arnold's in the same spot -- we want to work together.

"We want to do another movie together, whether it's a sequel or a new element that's another story. Just has to be good, funny, entertaining for us that fits with our characters, and what people want to see. And that's what we're aiming for."

The former 'Governor of California' reteamed with the 'Matilda' actor for a State Farms commercial that debued during the Super Bowl on Sunday (11.02.24), and working together was the biggest draw that made them say yes to the offer.

Danny - who was starring in 'I Need That' on Broadway when he got the call - said: "I travelled across the country to come do it because I was doing my play in New York and I jumped at the chance to do it because I'm always there for Arnold.

"And he's always there for me, and those State Farm [commercials] fits into that category well."

The 'Terminator' actor added: "Danny is definitely one of the reasons why I was looking forward to doing this commercial. Also, to me, what is important is always that it is organic."