Matt Hancock Pocketed £10,000 For 'Car Crash' Susanna Reid Interview

Matt Hancock received £10,000 for a brutal interview with Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid where the ex-health secretary dismissed questions about his Covid-19 rule-breaking.

During the TV appearance, Hancock also said he did not “primarily” go on I’m A Celebrity for the money.

The MP, who is standing down at the next election, declared the fee from ITV in the latest register of members’ financial interests.

He received the payment via Shine Talent Management Limited for two hours of work, according to the entry.

Hancock broke coronavirus social distancing rules during the pandemic by having an affair in his ministerial office with aide, Gina Coladangelo, and was forced to resign after leaked CCTV footage showed the pair kissing.

In an exchange with Reid, the presenter looked stunned as Hancock became exasperated about having to explain himself – telling the host he had been through it “endlessly”.

That interview.
That interview.

That interview.

Hancock was criticised by constituents and then-Conservative colleagues for entering the Australian jungle for I’m A Celebrity.

He donated £10,000 of his £320,000 fee to charity, telling ITV during his January 31 interview: “I didn’t primarily do it (go on the reality show) for the money, I primarily did it to try to show who I am.

“I think £10,000 is actually a decent sum.”

Reid gave Hancock a torrid time as she attempted to pin him down on whether he actually broke the law, and not just the guidelines.

Susanna Reid: “You are pivoting to social distancing. I’m not talking about social distancing guidelines. You definitely broke those. You were definitely not a metre away from Gina.

“I’m talking about the law. England was at stage 2 of covid restrictions.”

Matt Hancock: “I’m not sure that’s the case.”

SR: “I am absolutely sure that was the case.”

MH: “I don’t have the dates in front of me. And...”

SR: “You were health secretary at the time. You brought the regulations in.”

MH: “Of course. Of course. And I don’t have them in front of me...”

SR: “If anybody should have known the law, it would be you.”

MH: “Of course. Absolutely.”

The West Suffolk lost the Tory whip over the appearance on the reality TV show and he currently sits as an independent in the Commons.