Fascinating video shows six months of filmmaker's life through one-second clips

A creative filmmaker has made a unique video diary of his life - by documenting a single second of every day for six months.

Matt Skuta, from Oklahoma, has been filming his everyday activities since January 1, compiling them into a strangely fascinating three-minute video.

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His well-edited film shows the seasons change and time flow from December through to the summer, following special moments of his life to everyday occurrences.

Firework displays, sports events and road trips at sunset all feature in his unique project, along with more mundane activities such as walking his dog, watching TV and cooking dinner.

The popularity of Matt's film has seen him urged to finish the whole year.

His online diary has so far amassed almost 100,000 views online in just a fortnight.

One viewer comments on the video: 'I might not know you but I do know that you live a beautiful life.'