Matt Willis Admits That He Can't Look At His And Wife Emma's Wedding Photos

Your wedding should probably be one of the happiest days of your life, but Busted star Matt Willis had admitted that he can’t even look at photos of his special day with gorgeous wife, Emma Willis.

The pair tied the knot way back in 2008 but Matt finds it tough to look at himself in the images so avoids them all together.

Speaking about his battle with drink, drugs and food, Matt explained: “I got married and I hated myself in the wedding pictures. I looked like a fat mess.
"I’d had a problem with drink and drugs and I stopped all that but I still looked bad a year later then I realised, ‘Oh, it’s probably because I’m eating fried chicken and drinking things with loads of sugar in it.’

"Once I started taking care of nutrition, it all clicked. I’ve got a bad relationship with food. I’m very obsessive about it.”

The father-of-three went on to add that he particularly struggles with sugar and his entire personality switches if he has too many sweet treats.

Matt confessed to Men’s Fitness magazine: “I’ve learnt that I’m not very good at moderation. It doesn’t work for me. Anything that can be taken too far, I’ll take too far. Sugar is the worst. If I have it, something triggers in my brain, the same as it does with any other mind-altering substance.

"Something happens to me and I become a monster with it - I can’t control myself, which is ridiculous and I hate it. But it’s just something about me, which I’ve had to learn.”

Still, the star does treat himself to the occasional square of dark chocolate - we’re just glad to hear that Matt has been able to get all of his unhealthy addictions under control.