Matthew Perry death investigation finds 'multiple suspects' linked to supplying ketamine

The investigation into Matthew Perry's death has identified "multiple suspects" linked to supplying the star with ketamine - the drug that contributed to his death.

The Friends actor was just 54 when he was found unresponsive in his hot tub at home with a post-mortem later listing "high levels of ketamine" in his blood, coronary artery disease, and drowning as the causes of his death.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday, "A criminal investigation into Matthew Perry's death from acute effects of the prescription drug ketamine is nearing its conclusion, with prosecutors ultimately deciding whether those with ties to how the actor got the drug will face charges."

The report, which claimed two unnamed law enforcement sources had spoken to the publication, went on to state the Los Angeles Police Department has, "linked several people to procurement of the ketamine", but added, "it will be up to federal and possibly local prosecutors to decide whether criminal charges are filed."

The identities of the individuals linked to the drug procurement have not been named in the report or by local law enforcement.

The investigation, which has been ongoing since May, has involved the Los Angeles Police Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Postal Service.

Authorities have been trying to ascertain exactly how Perry procured the high level of ketamine that contributed to his death, while it has been reported in the past that he had used the drug as a way to combat depression.