Matthew Wright reveals he almost missed his daughter's birth

Matthew Wright and his wife Amelia
Matthew Wright and his wife Amelia

TV presenter Matthew Wright has revealed that he almost missed the birth of his first child following his wife’s eight-year IVF battle.

Wright and his wife Amelia welcomed their baby daughter Cassady Frances into the world last month.

But the presenter almost missed the birth as his usual 40-minute journey to the hospital took over an hour.

Speaking to Hello! magazine Wright detailed his blind panic as he thought he might miss the birth of his daughter.

“It took one hour 15 minutes to get from my offices in Waterloo to the hospital in Hammersmith. Usually it would be 40 minutes, and I was having kittens,” he said.

“There was a taxi drivers’ strike, every road we went on was stuck and there was no more communication from her.”

The broadcaster and his wife welcomed their daughter Cassady in January.
The broadcaster and his wife welcomed their daughter Cassady in January.

Amelia added: “My blood pressure suddenly went sky high and they said, ‘This is dangerous, it has to happen now.’ They said they would try and wait for Matthew to get there but otherwise they were going to have to start. He needed to get there no later than when he did, or he would have missed it.”

However, Wright made it to the hospital bang on time and didn’t miss a thing.

Wright revealed that Amelia was pregnant on talkRadio back in September, also sharing with the listeners that she had undergone eight years of IVF treatment.

‘She has had a very very difficult time of it,’ he said. “Some of you will know, that we’ve been trying through IVF after she had an ectopic [pregnancy] and it tore her up inside. It was all very awful.

“We’ve been trying on IVF for eight years, and she gets pregnant each time, but then miscarries at 11 or 12 weeks.”

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