Matty Healy reacts to Taylor Swift's 'diss track'

Matty Healy has reacted to new tracks by supposed ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift that are rumoured to be about him.

The 1975 frontman is never named in any tracks featuring on Swift's new album, The Tortured Poets Department, but fans have assumed several references are about him.

Her fans, commonly referred to as Swifties, have suggested the song The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived appears to allude to Healy "ghosting" her - when someone ends a relationship suddenly and with no communication or explanation.

"You tried to buy some pills, from a friend of mine, they just ghosted you, now you know what it feels like".

She also sings: "And I don't even want you back, I just want to know if rusting my sparkling summer was the goal?" - with Swift and Healy rumoured to be dating during the summer of 2023

Many have also interpreted the lyrics of other songs to make reference to their romance.

In the first song on the album, Fortnight, she sings: "And I love you, it's ruining my life, I touched you for only a fortnight."

It's widely assumed he's also the subject of the track Guilty As Sin, where she sings about having "fatal fantasies" about someone from her past while in a relationship.

In a video circulating online, Healy was approached by a reported photographer in Los Angeles and asked how he rates his "Taylor diss track" and how he thought it compared to the other songs on the 31-track double album.

Healy, looking confused, responded: "My diss track?"

The photographer reiterated: "Yeah, Taylor's new song?"

"Oh!" Healy laughed, adding: "I haven't really listened to that much of it, but I'm sure it's good."

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Last May, Healy made a surprise appearance during the Nashville performance of Swift's Eras tour to play with her support act, indie singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers.

Swift also sung two The 1975 songs at their London gig in February 2023.

By June last year, reports surfaced that the pair were "no longer romantically involved", with a source telling US outlet People the relationship was "always casual".

"She had fun with him, but it was always casual," the source said.