May Bank Holiday weekend weather in Yorkshire will see thunderstorms and rain

Thunderstorms are predicted to hit Yorkshire
Thunderstorms are predicted to hit Yorkshire -Credit:@MisfitsWorld20/Twitter/PA Wire

Thunder is set to hit the region later this week but don't worry, the sunny weather is ready to return very soon.

The Met Office has said thunder will hit Yorkshire later this week. According to the weather experts, there will be mist and fog today, with showers across Yorkshire coming in from the east.

From Thursday to Saturday, there will be heavy showers across Yorkshire, which could turn thundery. More showers are expected on Saturday.

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They said: "Mist and fog Thursday slowly retreating towards the coasts, light rain over hills. Friday brings heavy showers, possibly thundery with coastal fog and showers expected on Saturday. Cooler along coasts."

Further on, the Met Office's forecast from May 5 to May 14 says there will be more unsettled conditions, but temperatures will be warmer. Sunny weather will be on its way as well over this period.

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Altogether it will be a mixture of sun and rain over this period. The Met Office said: "An uncertain period through the bank holiday weekend with the most likely result a warm but cloudy day Sunday with a few light showers, then increasingly cloudy with rain spreading from the west, though weakening as it does so, however there remains a broad spread of solutions with the threat of showery spells a common feature.

"Into the new week all areas are likely to see a mixture of showery periods or spells of rain, though generally drier conditions expected to develop through the following week away from the northeast as high pressure develops to the west. Sunniest conditions across the south, cloudiest in the north and east. Temperatures mostly a little above normal for early May."