'You may have to leave' warning issued to anyone holidaying in Turkey

Fire in turkey
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As the summer heat intensifies, Turkey is experiencing a surge in temperatures with Antalya set to hit sweltering highs of 37C this week. With many Brits jetting off to enjoy the Turkish sun, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued a stark warning about the potential hazards that come with such extreme weather.

The FCO's latest travel advice notes: "Extreme temperatures can affect many areas of Turkey over the summer months." Brits abroad are urged to follow NHS guidelines on dealing with the heat, which include staying hydrated and limiting exposure to the sun.

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Yet, the soaring temperatures also bring an increased threat of wildfires, a phenomenon already causing havoc across Europe as the mercury climbs. Turkey has witnessed 74 wildfires this year, destroying around 12,910 hectares (31,900 acres) of terrain, as per data from the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), reports the Express.

A recent fire outbreak on agricultural land in Turkey's Kurdish southeast saw the flames spread swiftly, resulting in 11 deaths and injuries to numerous individuals. The FCO cautions: "Wildfires happen frequently in Turkey during summer," and advises travellers to keep abreast of the situation through local news and authority updates.

"You could get a fine or prison sentence for lighting a fire of any kind or discarding cigarettes in risk areas such as woodland. Barbecues are prohibited in these areas," the Foreign Office cautioned. "If there is a wildfire in your area, local authorities may tell you to leave your accommodation. Follow the directions of local authorities. If you see a wildfire, call emergency services on 112."

The unpredictability of wildfires means it's crucial for travellers to have comprehensive travel insurance that covers natural disasters or emergencies, which could save them from financial loss if their holiday is disrupted or cut short.

Such insurance can also offer protection for lost or damaged luggage and personal items.