Your May monthly horoscope by Sade Jackson

 (Benjamin Voros/ Unsplash)
(Benjamin Voros/ Unsplash)

If April felt like a baptism of fire, then the cosmic shifts did what they were supposed to: crack you open to new possibilities while doing away with the old. Taurus, the sign of fertility and growth, reminds us that not all growth feels good, but it will absolutely make you feel alive. Consider May a month of reprieve and renewal.

The New Moon in Taurus on the 7th lays the foundations for you to cleanse from the inside out. Speak kindly to your body as your cells hear every single word you speak. Your vessel is as precious as gold, and the better you feel, the more magnetic you become to all sorts of abundance in both money and romance.

Gemini season breaks up some of the monotony from the 20th, and Jupiter moves alongside it on the 25th. In fact, Jupiter hasn’t danced in the curiosity-driven sign since 2012, and as it's associated with learning, creative collaboration, and play, you'll be getting an assortment of everything above over the course of the year.

There are no more excuses for you not to level up your knowledge and see beyond old frames of thinking and living. But just before we get to indulge in Jupiter's transition, the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd dangles a fresh carrot of visionary potential. Whatever you do, surround yourself with people who colour outside of the lines.

Aries or Aries Rising

You've been through a period of walking into the dark void; the unknown; the misty forest. Feel free to shake off the debris, the twigs and bushes that have mangled your hair, because you’ve made it, and you’ve transformed into the victorious hero. You didn’t have to wait for anyone to play that part for you, you're actually embodying it for yourself.

Mars moved into Aries on at the end of last month, so you’ll feel extra heat in your heels to keep trudging forward with new plans that have been percolating into your psyche. If there were no Plan B to your Plan A, how would your plans have changed? And what are you truly willing to fight for?

Taurus or Taurus Rising

Last month's Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus probably blasted you off into a rocket ship to have a conversation with your ‘higher self’. Now that you’ve come back down, you might sense that more of your creative potential has been unlocked. So, how do you want to lay some groundwork for May? If it isn’t at least 70% innovative, then go back to the drawing board. Something inside of you is willing to step outside of convention and finally commit to your vision on your terms, without a single voice inside of you trying to convince you otherwise.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

Sometimes we know we’re on the brink of a huge metamorphosis but we just don’t have the words to bring it to life. If you've felt like you've been sitting in a cocoon for a while, it’s absolutely time to pack your bags and go on a new expedition. Say no to the tendencies that make you get lost in the minutiae of it all, and set your eyes on the great beyond. Jupiter moves into Gemini on the 25th, a transit we haven’t seen since 2012 which will set you up nicely to create a new self that feels expansive and juicy.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

One thing you can learn from Working Girl is that you can make your career progression look stylish and chic. With Mars in Aries heating up your professional zone, don’t be surprised if you get a little bullish when it comes to your ambitions. Nevertheless, set an intention on the New Moon in Taurus on the 7th to connect with a well-resourced mentor who can help you cross the bridge, ensuring you don’t miss a step. The biggest key takeaway this month is to understand when your intellectual side needs some gentle hand holding. Believe me, there’s no shame in asking for a little help.

Leo or Leo Rising

We all know how you love public acclaim, whether it’s from a notable art critic or the collections of admirers you’ve gathered along the way. Just know that it’s okay to graft long and hard without a single pat on the shoulder. You have a mash-up of planets in Taurus, sitting in your area of public reputation, so remember: often that the best things go unnoticed for a considerable amount of time. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd knocks at your door of creativity which may push you to admit to yourself that you’re ready to switch up your creative style and ethos.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

Since last year, you’ve been slowly but surely building a new vision for yourself in either the career department, relationship sphere, or spiritual beliefs. For the most part, it’s been kept under wraps, but the course is about to shift. When Jupiter in Gemini moves into your spot of public visibility on the 25th, you might feel like the Sun is (finally) shining down on you. In essence, it’s time to share these new realisations about yourself and let them shine through.

Libra or Libra Rising

Your relationships have been shifting like tectonic plates — or better yet, Greek plates at a party. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it's simply mirroring how your relationship values are reshaping to suit who you currently are, not who you’ve been in the past. Mars in Aries sits in your house of relationships, meaning that you’re no longer willing to passively coast in your connections, but you’re trained and willing to drive the ship. Ask yourself this: How am I taking leadership in my relationships in a way that holds me and the others accountable for where we go?

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

If anyone knows what it means to define loyalty, it’s you. Known for your devoted approach to relationships, you’re designed to choose companions that you could ride with for life. Jupiter has been moving through your house of relationships since last year, offering you a mirror to see everyone in your life as a teacher — even the people who passed you by. However, it’s time to dive deeper, as Jupiter in Gemini will take your bonds with chosen partners, friends, and romantic interests alike to the next level from the 25th. Now is the time to consider who lacks the gusto.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

We know how much you love a solo crusade and living a life where you can work wherever and whenever fits your schedule. Meeting new friends and lovers across the pond or city is in your genes, but this month you might find a crack of sentimentality could hold you back from truly starting over. In fact, you might just be a little tired of it. When Jupiter in Gemini moves into your zone of relationships on the 25th, it’s key that ask yourself how you can balance old faces with new, because you will definitely be tempted to spread yourself too thin. As much as I don’t want to dampen your fun, the bigger question is this: Where are you skipping out on your own life and seeking some short relief with all the mixing and mingling?

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Consider the first half of the month a time for you to lose yourself in your creative momentum. The New Moon in Taurus on the 7th invites you to create in a fresh way to earn more financial freedom. Mars (the planet of rage and war) starts the month in your zone of emotions, so you’ll feel everything in your bones — and with good reason. If you’ve been repressing your more tender feelings, they’ll creep out, wanting you to acknowledge that they exist. Don’t be surprised if you see a random sticky note on your fridge stating ‘there’s nothing to fear.’

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

Even though you’re known to be one of the most radically experimental signs in the zodiac, Pluto in Aquarius Retrograde begins on May 2nd. Mark this as a checkpoint to ask yourself how honest you’ve been with your own personal truths. Sometimes we don’t realise that societal norms are syphoning our true voice. Pluto is here for you to stand up in your power, to reclaim it in every part of your life — especially where you feel like you’re following a script that you had no part in writing. As the Sun rises in the sign of Gemini on the 20th, you’ll feel more free than you’ve felt in a long time, so release your inner wild child from the closet.

Pisces or Pisces Rising

You’re long overdue voicing to your feelings, whether that’s through writing, podcasting, or simply making your truths more visible online. Do you ever feel like people mistake you for being happy to go along with their plans without considering what you want? That all changes towards the end of this month. The Sun, Venus, and Gemini all land in your zone of emotional processing, helping you weed out any old feelings of inferiority or victimhood so that you can sit on your throne with your head held high.